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PSM400 PolyStatic SprayMop Set

The PolyStatic dusters cling to the special PolyMop 400mm cleaning head, held firmly in place by our special Xtra Grip Dust mop holder. The mops are 100% polyester, generating electrostatic precipitation by the movement over the surface being cleaned, the more you use it the better it works.

Dust care and control are fundamental to many public area cleaning programmes, as is spot cleaning when appropriate. The PolyStatic disposable mop system, offers the best of both worlds.

The PolyStatic system works on spot cleaning where damp cleaning is necessary to ensure the removal of marks such as coffee spills and soft drinks.

  • Compact & Convenient
    Large enough for quick cleaning, yet compact enough to cleaning in tight spaces.
  • Ideal for Spot Cleaning
    Perfect for cleaning spills and marks without significant amounts of water on the floor.
  • User Friendly
    The velcro mop cloth fastening couldn’t be quicker or easier.
  • Increase Productivity
    Clean floors with no need to refill.
  • User Comfort
    Professional cleaning in comfort with the ergonomic rotating hand-hold.

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