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Working closely with the Health Care Industry raising cleaning standards and productivity.

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Maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene can be challenging when working against the demands and pressures of a busy and diverse hospital, clinic or care home. You need cleaning equipment that meets your needs completely.

Designed, engineered and made right here in the UK, by the UK’s No.1 Commercial Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer. We work with the Healthcare industry to develop cleaning solutions that meet your needs completely. Our HealthCare Range provides professional, reliable and configurable cleaning systems that deliver advanced sanitation and infection control for every application, with on-hand training content to support your team around the clock.

“By working directly with the healthcare industry, the best part about my job is understanding the precise requirements and providing the best products and services we have to offer. For help and support, get in touch today.”
  – Paul Edney, HealthCare Manager.

5-Point Partnership Pledge

As an approved supplier to the NHS, we are committing a 5-Point Partnership Pledge to ensure you are provided with the best equipment to suit your cleaning requirements.

Cleaning solutions

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Professional equipment, configurable systems and on-hand training for the advanced delivery of cleanliness, sanitation and infection control.

Whatever the environment; whether a waiting room, kitchen, theatre or ward, we provide the right product for the right job. From advanced infection control to HEPA filtration for cleanroom environments, and cordless solutions for safe cleaning in public areas.

The Numatic HealthCare range offers the complete cleaning solution, including wet and dry vacuum cleaners, advanced filtration solutions, scrubber-dryers and janitorial equipment.

“The service from Numatic is far superior to anything we have received from other manufacturers. Numatic are responsive to our requirements and if we need any maintenance support, and engineer is always on-site promptly.”

– Mike Pincott, Director DMA Ltd.

Healthcare solutions selected for you
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Environmental Sustainability

The key to truly sustainable manufacturing is to provide users with products that last a very long time. Our products are built to last; with tried tested and trusted designs, ongoing innovations, and a commitment to developing sustainable cleaning solutions.

We continually review, refine and adapt our manufacturing processes to deliver even greater levels of sustainability throughout our products ranges. Following extensive research we have introduced ReFlo Technology.

Our ReFlo Technology uses the highest quality recycled material, ensuring our products are both sustainably engineered and built to last.

Customise your

Cleaning Solution

Guiding users through the product configuration process, Nu-Design enables you to create a cleaning system that meets your needs, precisely. The result; optimum cleaning productivity with the highest cleaning standards.

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Healthcare Products

A carefully chosen selection of products aimed at the needs of Healthcare professionals brought to you by the cleaning professionals

Nx1K powered CRL8055 front view
Combining compact ride-on design with best-in-class scrub width.​ The CRL8055 effortlessly...
PM34 F34LF naked
PRO-Matic PM34 Cleaning Trolley
The PM34 provides a lockable multi-waste recycling system with the option to separate your...
PM24 F34LF naked
PRO-Matic PM24 Cleaning Trolley
The PM24 provides a lockable multi-waste recycling system with the option to separate your...
ECO-Matic EM5 Cleaning Trolley
Providing complete versatility of lockable, open and waste bin storage, the ECO-Matic EM5...
PRO Matic PM13
PRO-Matic PM13 Cleaning Trolley
The PM13 provides a lockable and manoeuvrable solution.​​ A completely configurable cleani...
Made from the highest quality recycled material; equipped with our highest efficiency moto...
NVR170H Featured Image
Equipped with an advanced 3-stage HEPA H13 filtration system, the NVR170H traps particles...
PRO-Matic PM21
PRO-Matic PM21 Cleaning Trolley
The PM21 offers a discrete foldaway waste facility, convenient top storage trays, and 2 co...
PRO-Matic PM20 V2
PRO-Matic PM20 Cleaning Trolley
The PM20 provides a discrete foldaway waste facility, convenient top storage tray, configu...
PRO Matic PM11
PRO-Matic PM11 Cleaning Trolley
The ultimate compact cleaning system, the PM11 offers a discrete foldaway waste facility,...
PRO Matic PM10
PRO-Matic PM10 Cleaning Trolley
Compact in size yet versatile in storage, the PM10 offers a discrete foldaway waste facili...
ECO-Matic EM2 Cleaning Trolley
Providing the benefit of enclosed storage trolley in a small, compact design, the ECO-Mati...
WV470 Featured Image
The best-selling WV470 provides a larger alternative to the 370-380 series, with twice the...
PPT220 with Accessories Left
An innovative vacuum design providing ease of handling and the total convenience of lift-o...
Engineered advanced features provide exceptional filtration with HEPA H13 MicroFilter – ac...