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Creating clean environments to work, learn and play.

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Clean environments don’t only deliver increased hygiene and safety, but also more positive, creative and comfortable environments for their users.

Designed, engineered and made right here in the UK, by the UK’s No.1 Commercial Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer. We work with the Education industry to develop cleaning solutions that meet your needs completely.

From cordless solutions to compact janitorial systems, we deliver effective, efficient and convenient equipment for day cleaning and safe operation in educational settings, creating a more positive environment to work, learn and play.

Creating clean, hygienic and positive environments

Creating clean, hygienic and positive environments

Cleaning solutions

Selected for you

Built to last, easy to use and ready to go…our Education Range delivers the results you need, wherever you need them.

From the reliable face of Henry to professional wet, dry and extraction vacuums, compact and colourful janitorial solutions, and scrubber dryers for clean, dry and safe floors in minutes, our Education Range provides cleaning equipment for every job.

Designed for complete ease of use with around the clock access to multilingual content, there’s less downtime and more time to focus on the things that matter. ​

Education Products Selected for you
Education Products Selected for you Mobile

Customise your

Cleaning Solution

Guiding users through the product configuration process, Nu-Design enables you to create a cleaning system that meets your needs, precisely. The result; optimum cleaning productivity with the highest cleaning standards.

Trusted by experts

Education Products

A carefully chosen selection of products aimed at the needs of Education professionals brought to you by the cleaning professionals

Nx1K powered CRL8055 front view
Combining compact ride-on design with best-in-class scrub width.​ The CRL8055 effortlessly...
ECO-Matic EM5 Cleaning Trolley
Providing complete versatility of lockable, open and waste bin storage, the ECO-Matic EM5...
Made from the highest quality recycled material; equipped with our highest efficiency moto...
HZ390L Left Handle Up
This is the perfect small Hazardous unit, meeting all the needs and requirements for deali...
ECO-Matic EM3 Cleaning Trolley
Providing the convenience of an open shelf storage trolley in a mid-size specification, th...
ECO-Matic EM2 Cleaning Trolley
Providing the benefit of enclosed storage trolley in a small, compact design, the ECO-Mati...
ECO-Matic EM1 Cleaning Trolley
A small, compact and convenient cleaning storage trolley, the ECO-Matic EM1 Cleaning Troll...
TT1840G Main
Exceptionally compact mains design with 18L capacity, 400mm scrub width and performance eq...
WV900 / WVD900
The professional power and performance in either mode, wet or dry, to the full TwinFlo spe...
WV470 Featured Image
The best-selling WV470 provides a larger alternative to the 370-380 series, with twice the...
TradeLine TEM390A
Designed and built for work and to work hard, TradeLine combines a specialist extractor va...
PSP180 Gallery 2
The compact PSP180 provides a generous 8L capacity and 26.4m cleaning range, packed full o...
PPR240 Left
A professional, tough and versatile workhorse, the ProVac plugged rewind is packed full of...