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You don't get a second chance at a first impression.

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There are no second chances when it comes to first impressions. Cleanliness is key to creating a positive, enjoyable and memorable guest experience.

Designed, engineered and made right here in the UK, by the UK’s No.1 Commercial Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer, we work with the Hospitality Industry to develop cleaning solutions that meet your needs completely.

From advanced “clean air” solutions to expert FloorCare advice and bespoke housekeeping solutions… our extensive range provides optimum cleanliness, enhanced hygiene and unmissable results, precisely where you need them, with minimal disruption to guests.

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Built to last, easy to use and ready to go…our Hospitality range delivers unmisssable cleaning results.
From cordless solutions to around-the-clock training and bespoke janitorial and housekeeping systems… our extensive range provides optimum cleanliness, precisely where you need it, by whoever is using it, ensuring minimum downtime and disruption. The Numatic Hospitality range offers the complete cleaning solution, including wet and dry vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, scrubber-dryers and janitorial equipment.​
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Hospitality Products

A carefully chosen selection of products aimed at the needs of Hospitality professionals brought to you by the cleaning professionals

Nx1K powered CRL8055 front view
Combining compact ride-on design with best-in-class scrub width.​ The CRL8055 effortlessly...
PM34 F34LF naked
PRO-Matic PM34 Cleaning Trolley
The PM34 provides a lockable multi-waste recycling system with the option to separate your...
PM24 F34LF naked
PRO-Matic PM24 Cleaning Trolley
The PM24 provides a lockable multi-waste recycling system with the option to separate your...
ECO-Matic EM5 Cleaning Trolley
Providing complete versatility of lockable, open and waste bin storage, the ECO-Matic EM5...
Equipped with our new NX300 36V Battery Technology and 350W digital brushless motor, the P...
PRO Matic PM13
PRO-Matic PM13 Cleaning Trolley
The PM13 provides a lockable and manoeuvrable solution.​​ A completely configurable cleani...
NVR170H Featured Image
Equipped with an advanced 3-stage HEPA H13 filtration system, the NVR170H traps particles...
The NKU31RHF offers Hard-Front lockable space saving bi-fold doors and 1x 100L bag capacit...
The NKU31RFF offers a space-saving Flexi-Front and 1x 100L bag capacity. Heavy-duty Struct...
Providing a 240L washable linen bag, with great features including an integrated laundry b...
Providing a 150L washable linen bag, with great features including an integrated laundry b...
MidMop MMB1616
The MidMop is always on-hand and easily stored, compact design providing a go-anywhere twi...
PRO-Matic PM21
PRO-Matic PM21 Cleaning Trolley
The PM21 offers a discrete foldaway waste facility, convenient top storage trays, and 2 co...
PRO Matic PM11
PRO-Matic PM11 Cleaning Trolley
The ultimate compact cleaning system, the PM11 offers a discrete foldaway waste facility,...
ECO-Matic EM2 Cleaning Trolley
Providing the benefit of enclosed storage trolley in a small, compact design, the ECO-Mati...
WV470 Featured Image V2
The best-selling WV470 provides a larger alternative to the 370-380 series, with twice the...
NLL332 F34L
NuSpeed LoLine NLL332 / NLL415
Compact size with performance characteristics equal to that of bigger and more industrial...
HFT1530 F34L
Hurricane HFT1530G
Optimise power options with dual speed motor of 1000W/1250W on this Hurricane HFT model. T...
PSP180 Gallery 2
The compact PSP180 provides a generous 8L capacity and 26.4m cleaning range, packed full o...
PPR240 Left
A professional, tough and versatile workhorse, the ProVac plugged rewind is packed full of...
CTD570 with Accessories
CT570 / CTD570
The CleanTec 570 provides powerful cleaning results with tough construction, huge capacity...