Henry HLL332 / HLL415 LoLine

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The cleaning performance of much bigger models in a lightweight, compact and convenient package brings Numatic innovation to the extended Henry FloorCare range. No matter the cleaning task you’ll always have a Henry to hand.

Simplicity and ease of use are at the heart of Henry LoLine’s design with no compromise in performance. Any operator can quickly master professionally clean floors. A cleaning speed of 200rpm coupled with a huge selection of pads, brushes and accessories makes this a truly versatile floor care solution.

The unique folding design and low weight allows for compact storage in the tightest of cleaning cupboards and ease of transportation and handling.

Professional performance, easy to use, lightweight, floor care versatility, with the Henry LoLine you have it all… and a smile of course. full range of 330mm brushes and pad drives allows the machine to be used for all of the primary floor care functions.

With a total weight of only 18kg and an operating speed of 200rpm the machine exudes convenience and versatility.

Over 12 million Henry vacuum cleaners have been sold worldwide. There’s no secret to his success… reliability, simplicity and always designed to perform for the professional cleaner.

You know his smile, you’ll love his simplicity, reliability and of course clean, dry floors day in day out.


HLL332 = 330mm, HLL415 = 400 mm


HLL332 = 1145 x 540 x 330mm / HLL415 = 1145 x 540 x 360mm



Pad Size

HLL332 = 330mm, HLL415 = 360 mm


230V AC 50Hz


32 m


HLL332 = 200rpm, HLL415 = 150rpm


HLL332 = 18kg, HLL415 = 18.5 kg

Numatic International Product Catalogue 2019
FloorCare Accessories Catalogue
233553 NLL332/415 HLL332/415 UK/European (A10)