True cordless convenience and customisation by choice of 3 scrubbing widths and longer runtime.

A comfortable, driver friendly, 120L capacity, front wheel drive machine with a fantastic turning radius, gets in and out of places other machines just won’t go.

The TwinTec Vario 3-in-1 design has proved itself to be almost the perfect balance between common sense engineering and innovative and truly functional technology.

Set chemical, water flow rate and brush speed and save onto 3 presets; set for 3 different rooms, areas or functions.

Scrub widths can set to 3 different working sizes: 650mm, 750mm and 850mm, all at the flick of a simple selection lever.

The unique arrangement of 3 independent scrubbing heads, by a simple adjustment mechanism, with the addition of a selection of brushes and pads, can provide customised performance on almost any surface application.

Brush Motor Power

3 x 24V 400 W

Brush Speed

50 / 100 / 150 / 200 rpm

Cleaning Speed

3.5 km/h

Climbing Gradient



1054 x 1676 x 1425mm

Nuchem Capacity

Optional 5L


6 x 12V (24V) = 300Ah / 8 x 12V (24V) = 400Ah

Run Time

300Ah = 3.5 Hrs / 400Ah = 4.5 Hrs

Scrub Width

650 / 750 / 850 mm

Traction Drive

600 W

Transit Speed

7.0 km/h

Vacuum Motor Power

24V 600 W

Water Capacity


Water Flow Rate



(Ready to use inc full tank) 300Ah = 620 kg, 400 Ah = 686 kg

Numatic International Product Catalogue 2019
FloorCare Accessories Catalogue
235470 TTV678 UK (A21)
235670 TTV678 European (A23)