Henry HT4045

The Henry mains scrubber dryer with 40L capacity and 450mm scrub width brings Numatic innovation to the extended Henry FloorCare range. No matter the cleaning task you’ll always have a Henry to hand.

Built on the foundations of one of our most successful TwinTec series, the Henry HT4045 has become the professional cleaner’s choice to millions through hard work, and reliability.

There are occasions when there is simply no substitute for the power of a mains cable scrubber dryer. Rough flooring, heavy soiling and high friction non-slip floor coverings can often demand the most powerful cleaning. With three times the power of a battery machine, the Henry HT is there when you need him.

You couldn’t find a scrubber dryer that’s easier to use and maintain. Controls are kept simple and straightforward whilst components are colour coded to guide users when filling and emptying.

Over 12 million Henry vacuum cleaners have been sold worldwide. There’s no secret to his success… reliability, simplicity and always designed to perform for the professional cleaner.

You know his smile, you’ll love his simplicity, reliability and of course clean, dry floors day in day out.


450 mm

Brush Motor Power

1500 W

Brush Speed

150 rpm


40 L


470 x 890 x 1100mm

Pad Size

400 mm


220-240V 50Hz


42 m

Vacuum Motor Power

1200 W


(Ready to use inc full tank) 107 kg

Numatic International Product Catalogue 2019
FloorCare Accessories Catalogue
244466 HT4045 TT4045/4055 UK (A12)
244467 HT4045 TT4045/4055 European (A10)