AA20 Kit

  • 2.4m NuFlex Threaded Hose
    Optimum airflow and suction.
  • 280mm Stainless Steel Extension Gulper/Scraper Tool
  • 240mm Crevice Tool
    Make hard to reach, easy to clean.
  • Double Taper Hose/Tool Adaptor (32mm)
    Fits directly on hose.
  • 65mm Soft Dusting Brush
    Perfect for cleaning shelves.
  • 152mm Rubber Brush with Soft Bristles
  • 38mm – 32mm Adaptor
  • Primary PermaTex Filter for 356mm Machine
  • 10x HepaFlo Dust Bags NVM-4BH
    Easy, clean and safe emptying.
  • Roll of 10 x 120L Disposable Bags
    Safe disposal for hazardous material
  • Compatible with the following...
HZ900 / HZD900
The 900 series of Hazardous specification machines has been specifically...