The 1800 AP machine is designed to address the needs of specialist operations requiring a continuous collection and discharge of bulk liquid such as salvage work, flood damage, flat roofing, fire services and the like.

First and foremost they need a full heavy-duty machine specification with high performance to do their job quickly and efficiently and a way of discharging large volumes of liquid as quickly as possible.

The 1800AP incorporates a full Structofoam two-motored Twinflo’ power head, float valve and trash basket inlet filter system and, in addition, our fully automatic submersible pump unit with its own Hi/Lo level float control allows continuous suction and discharge operation.

Accessories are full 38mm (11/2”) standard with the addition of a full 10m (33’) discharge hose to assist with the water disposal.

• Structofoam Construction - Heavy duty Structofoam used in both head and body construction.
• Nucable System - Power cables can be changed without the need for an electrical engineer.
• Auto Emptying Auto pump models provide for continuous operation pumping out literally as much water as you can take in.
• Professional and Powerful - Longlife professional TwinFlo bypass motor.


Power230V AV 50/60Hz
Motor Power1060 X 2 W
Airflow98 L/sec
Suction2400 mm H2O
Capacity Wet70 L
Cleaning Range26.8 m
Weight(Machine + Kit) 40.4 kg

Order Codes

835717 - WVD1800AP-2 Blue 240V + Kit BB7

Order code UK only. Contact for international variants.

Available Kits and Accessories

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