H-Class equipment is the legal requirement when working with high-risk, non-explosive, hazardous dusts and materials, including asbestos. The HZC390L is engineered to meet this demanding standard.

Designed, engineered and built with the tradesman in mind, the HZC390L offers a safe and convenient solution for those whose work brings them into infrequent contact with hazardous dusts and materials.

Equipped with a sealed and disposable HEPA H13 filter cartridge, all dust is safely contained, meaning users are able to change the filter as and when they need to.

With large rear wheels, folding pull handle and long cleaning-reach, the HZC390L is all-terrain ready, making it easy to transport across rough surfaces and up stairs. Add to this a steel head, and the machine is capable of withstanding falls, drops, bangs and scrapes that can happen frequently in the professional trade environment.

In it for the long haul, the machine’s powerful, long-life 1000W motor is proven to deliver powerful, professional and efficient results. When you’ve finished working, the HZC390L can be stored neatly away, ready when you need it.

Please Note: Local regulations, safety standards and usage instructions must be upheld in order to ensure complete safety of use and fully meet the requirements of working with H-Class dusts and materials. Always seek expert advice and conduct a thorough risk assessment before use.

• H-Class Compliant - Sealed and disposable HEPA H13 filter cartridge.
• Built to Last - Professional specification with heavy-duty steel motor power head.
• Powerful and Efficient - Equipped with long-life 1000W motor for unrivalled performance.
• Ease of Transit - All-terrain ready large rear wheels, folding pull handle and steel head.
• Compact & Convenient - Always on-hand when needed and easy to store.


Power230V AV 50/60Hz
Motor1000 (DAF)
Motor Power1000 W
Airflow48 L/sec
Suction2500 mm H2O
Capacity13 L
Cleaning Range26.8 m
Weight(Machine + Kit) 13.0 kg
Size450 x 400 x 1010mm
Filtration ClassH13 (EN1822)

Available Kits and Accessories

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