ECO-Matic EM1

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Compact and convenient, the ECO-Matic EM1 offers a generous 120L waste facility, easy-access open shelf storage and top storage tray for all your cleaning equipment and supplies.

Designed for enhanced usability, productivity and simplicity, the EM1 is easy to assemble, convenient to store and ready to equip for a wide range of applications.

Engineered from the highest quality recycled plastic using environmentally sustainable ReFlo Technology, the ECO-Matic range benefits from 100% Structofoam construction, making it tough, easy to clean and built to last.

• Compact Design - Easy to store and unobtrusive in use
• Convenient Storage - Easy-access open-shelf storage
• On-board Waste Facility - Fully-lidded 120L waste capacity
• Easy to Assemble - Assemble in under 15 minutes
• Built to Last - Tough Structofoam construction
• Environmentally Sustainable - Innovative ReFlo Technology

Available Autumn 2019.

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