Ask any professional cleaner to select the most essential equipment for their cleaning regime and the answer will include a tough professional vacuum and powerful rotary floor machine. Now you have a Henry to serve each and every task.

The Henry FMH is built on our time-tested Hurricane series, tested across the globe providing tough cleaning every day, day in day out. The heart of the Henry FMH is a powerful oversized Hurricane 1500W drive motor allowing for higher speeds and the use of added weight as required. Wide range of accessories available for all applications including carpet shampooing, vacuum polishing and floor sanding.

User operation is straightforward whilst the transmission of power to the floor is seamless via the long-life oil filled planetary gearbox resulting in a floor machine that really is a pleasure to use. The Automatic Torque Control (ATC) monitors and balances the power input throughout cleaning cycle.

The Henry floor machine professional cleaning power and reliability you can expect from the trusted Henry range.

• Built to Last - Long-life, oil filled, low load planetary gearbox.
• Powerful Cleaning Results - Fully adjustable handle and powerful 1500W drive motor.
• Performance You Can Trust - Automatic Torque Control (ATC) balances power input.
• Interchangeable Pad Options - Quick, simple and secure with NuLoc2 Systems.
• A Tool for Every Job - Wide range of accessories available for all applications.


Power230V AC 50Hz
Pad Size400 mm
Speed150 rpm
Range32 m
Weight32 kg
Brush450 mm

Available Kits and Accessories

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