The Carousel is, without a doubt, not only an outstanding mobile cleaning module but also a very clever design providing a number of cleaning facilities in one exceptionally compact and easy to handle, user-friendly, package.

In principle the Carousel range is designed to make compact size its first consideration but, whilst being small, it has ample scope for professional use. Sometimes two or three smaller units are more acceptable than something larger.

The swing top model allows waste disposal, mopping and access to cleaning material all simultaneously.

The Spraymop Master (included) starts with pre-wetting the clean mop before use and simply using the onboard liquid spray system to maintain the level of dampness needed for the specific application.

• Compact Design - Easy to store and manoeuvre when space is at a premium.
• 70-Litre Waste Storage - Fully lidded providing excellent capacity for normal waste collection and disposal.
• 80mm Castors - Move your carousel around the workplace with ease.
• Movement Handle - The carousel is easy to move using the comfort grip handle.


Waste Bin70 L
Caddy Small4L


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