The NVDQ900 is a Duplex (two motored) machine equipped with our TwinFlo two stage industrial motors providing unrivalled performance standards. It’s manoeuvrability makes it ideal for numerous trades where it must frequently be moved from place to place while still requiring a large capacity.

Structofoam is a unique material specification that has superb strength and impact resistance allowing machines to be truly rugged yet without a weight penalty.

The new AirFlo design improves performance some 30% when used together with the Hepa-Flo dust bag system, providing the ideal specification for machines expected to work extended hours with little loss of performance.

• Unrivalled Performance - Equipped with TwinFlo 2-stage industrial motor.
• Built to Last - Heavy-duty Structofoam construction to endure years of industrial use.
• Ease of Transit - Fitted with fully directional front castors, large rear wheels and pull handle.
• Powerful & Efficient - AirFlo filtration directs movement of air to enhance performance.
• Handy Cable Replacement - Nucable system for quick and easy changing of cable.


Power230V AC 50/60Hz
Motor Power2 x 960 W
Airflow96 L/sec
Suction2300 mm H2O
Capacity40 L
Cleaning Range26.8 m
Weight(Machine + Kit) 27.7 kg
Size490 x 800 x 880mm

Order Codes

833591 - NVDQ 900-2, AirFlo Internal, Kit BA2 38mm Aluminium ProFlo 400mm Dry Floor Kit (Black/Red)

Order code UK only. Contact for international variants.

Available Kits and Accessories

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