NuShine HNS1550G

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A new member of the Hurricane family designed to allow for effortless performance at higher burnishing speeds.

When size and weight are a factor the HNS offers the ideal balance. A compact yet powerful machine with supreme manoeuvrability. If you want stunning results combined with effortless performance then this is the machine for you. The NuShine has complete directional control which means a consistently high standard of finish.

The Automatic Torque Control (ATC) monitors and balances the power input throughout cleaning cycle.

• Built to Last - Powerful, heavy-duty Hi-Cool 1500W long-life motor.
• Effortless Manoeuvrability - Directional control for a consistently high standard of finish.
• Performance You Can Trust - Automatic Torque Control (ATC) balances power input.
• User Comfort - Find the perfect working position with fully adjustable handle.
• Powerful Cleaning Results - Brush Pressure Monitor for the perfect surface finish.


Power230V AC 50Hz
Pad Size500 mm
Speed1500 rpm
Range32 m
Weight35 kg
Size560 x 740 x 1260mm

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