The WV380’s are, by design, wet or dry vacuum cleaners that perform totally without compromise in either mode.

We know full well that when you want to operate as a dry machine performance must be as good as a dry-only machine, with big filters and the option of giant Hepaflo disposable dust bags ensuring a high standard of operation.

Similarly, when required for wet work, a quick switch of the dry filter for the wet float valve and a change of floor nozzle will give you equally professional performance and a clean, dry floor at the end of it all.

The singular difference between the two models is in the container with the 370 being commercial and the 380 being heavy-duty commercial due to its exclusive Structofoam construction which is, in itself, warranted for 3 years. Both machines benefit from the same accessory kit with dual wet and dry pick-up nozzles and even the tube set is stainless steel.

• Compact & Convenient - Always on-hand when needed and easy to store.
• Ready for Wet or Dry - Professional results in either mode with accessories provided.
• Built to Last - Heavy-duty Structofoam provides tough professional construction.
• Ease of Transit - Multi-site use applications with lightweight design and easy-carry handle.
• Clean Emptying - Fitted with easy empty handle providing simple and clean emptying.


MotorTwinflo bypass
Power230V AC 50/60Hz
Motor Power1060 W
Airflow49 L/sec
Suction2400 mm H2O
Capacity Dry15 L
Capacity Wet9 L
Cleaning Range26.8 m
Weight(Machine + Kit) 10.15 kg
Size355 x 355 x 510mm

Available Kits and Accessories

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