The all-steel construction of today's NQS models is where the Numatic story started.
We learnt from the 250 that the commercial cleaning business was rough and tough but, having said that, the majority of our early machines are still working 20+ years later.

After all those years the NQS-250 is better than ever, the all-steel deep-drawn power head incorporates our patented Microtec noise reduction system. TwinFlo' performance is superb. The blower facility and diffuser attachment are standard on this machine and the container is a single deep-drawn steel pressing.

• Built to Last - All-steel construction, built for years of professional use.
• Handy Cable Replacement - Nucable system for quick and easy changing of cable.
• Easy, Clean and Safe Emptying - High efficiency, triple-layer HepaFlo filter bags.
• Improves Filtration, Cleanliness and Capacity - TriTex Filtration System.
• A Tool For Every Job - Professional and versatile accessory kit.


Capacity9 L
Suction2350 mm H2O
Cleaning Range26.4 m
Weight(Machine + Kit) 10 kg
Dimensions355 x 355 x 395mm
Motor Power780 W
Power230V AC 50/60Hz
Airflow43 L/sec

Order Codes

900353 - NQS 250B-B2 RED / RED V17 KIT AS1

Order code UK only. Contact for international variants.

Available Kits and Accessories

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