These machines are built to an exacting 400Hz standard of operation, suitable for most aircraft power supply system. Seriously strong in construction, generous accessories to a 32mm (1 1/4”) standard, designed to clean aircraft and clean them well.

We learnt that the commercial cleaning business was rough and tough but, having said that, the majority of our early machines are still working 20+ years later.

After all those years the AVQ380 is better than ever, the all-steel deep-drawn power head incorporates our patented Microtec noise reduction system; Twinflo' performance is superb - too good sometimes - so we fitted a Hi/Lo control so you can turn the power down if necessary.

Filtration is to our Tritex standard and the container is Structofoam, in fact a Numatic first, unmatched worldwide. Structofoam is a material formulation embodying all the strength needed for bigger machines, yet without weight penalty. It is really rugged. It doesn’t dent, scratch or deteriorate and yet it is light in weight.

• Built to Last - All steel deep-drawn power head and superb 4 wheel mobility and stability.
• Noise Reduction - Patented Microtec noise reduction system.
• Professional and Powerful - TwinFlo motor performance.
• HepaFlo - Easy to change high efficiency HepaFlo bags.
• TriTex Filtration System - Improve filtration, cleanliness and capacity.


Power110V 400Hz
Motor Power960 W
Airflow47 L/sec
Suction2500 mm H2O
Capacity15 L
Cleaning Range43.2 m
Weight(Machine + Kit) 11.82 kg
Size355 x 355 x 485mm

Available Kits and Accessories

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