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85 Million Litres of Water funded since launch

For every purchase of a 244NX, Numatic will fund the equivalent of 5000L to water projects around the world.

785 million people live without clean water

That's About 1 in 10 of us

We believe no person should be without clean, safe, running water.

That’s why, in partnership with charity: water, we’re committed to helping run multiple projects a year to ensure those who need water the most, have access to it.

To do this, we pledge that for every purchase of a 244NX, we will fund 5000L of water to communities that need it. 

Clean water

project one

Madagascar Status: Completed

Charity: water MAdagascar

project Two

Nepal Status: In Progress

Nepal project in Charity: water

project one

Madagascar Status: Completed

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  • Charity: water MAdagascar
  • Charity: Water map 1

Estimated Completion Report:


The Story From Madagascar

At the start of the clean water project

At the Start

Program cycle begins (July 2021)

Charity: Water successful project

At 6 Months

Our partners prepare

12 months of the Charity: Water project

At 6-9 Months

Construction and evaluation

The difference that Charity: Water project can have on a village

At 12 Months

Construction concludes

Madagascan Charity: Water at work

At 12-15 Months

Final data collection

Madagascar project Charity: Water

At 21 Months

The final review

project one


Madagascar Charity: Water project
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We’re truly grateful for our ongoing partnership with Numatic. Together, we’re bringing sustainable clean water solutions to schools and communities in Nepal, Madagascar, and Bangladesh. And clean water changes everything, advancing not only sustainable development goal 6- clean water and sanitation for all- but impacting 8 more by reducing health, gender and education inequalities. Thank you to Numatic and their customers for making progress possible.

Hannah Bellamy |

Charity: Water logo

project two

Nepal Status: In Progress

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Nepal project in Charity: water

Estimated Completion Report:

Winter 2023

The Need From Nepal

While Nepal’s rough and varied terrain is perfect for drawing adventure seekers. It’s less than ideal for accessing and maintaining water points. In mountainous regions, most water sourses are not only far away, but difficult to reach. Landslides, caused by the annual monsoon season, and frequent earthquakes exaberate the situation. 

The Piped system

project two


Using the exact GPS coordinates provided, we’ll be able to update you exactly where the water is being donated and the impact it has made.

We’ll have a new update twice a year with the countries and communities you’ve helped by purchasing the 244NX, find more information in the downloads below:

Nepal report from Charity: Water
Charity water logo

See how you can help

Our Approach

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions

Working closely with local experts and community members, ensures charity: water can find the best sustainable solution in each place we fund.

Helping Communities

Helping Communities

Using a 100% model guarantees that 100% of the donations funded from Numatic will be given to clean water projects across the world and help communities globally.

Making a Difference

Making a difference

When projects are complete, we provide GPS coordinates and photos of clean water flowing, so you can see exactly how every purchase has made a difference.


Save over 5000
Litres* per year?

The 244NX optimises the use of clean water by using a direct feed to the centre of the brushes. The Centrifugal delivery of the water through the brushes minimises overall water usage, has no messy spray-off and increases efficiency by reducing the time-consuming refills required.
* Based on replacing 16L mopping system with 244NX cleaning 7 days per week.
244NX model

Helping to be
part of the solution

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